Tina Šilović

I’m a marine microbial ecologist
..passionate not only about Science,
but about Music, Design, Technology,...


A little bit About Me

My main occupation has been marine microbial ecology for the last cca. 10 years. I have obtained my PhD in natural sciencies in 2012, while working at the Rudjer Boskovic Institute (Center for marine research) in Croatia. The main objective of my PhD studies was to provide a more comprehensive and complete picture of the picoplankton community in the Adriatic sea, and to explain its dynamics at different temporal and spatial scales with regard to physical, chemical and biological parameters. From January 2015 until December 2016 I held the PostDoc position, at the Institut Méditerranéen d’océanologie (MIO) in Marseille, France. The main objective of my postdoc was to obtain dynamics of heterotrophic microorganisms by in situ automated flow cytometry. After my PostDoc I have returned to Croatia were as a research associate I work on bioprosepecting of Adriatic algae, mainly cyanobacteria. Yet, marine science has certainly never been my only passion and occupation. Before choosing Science as my occupation I was really passionate about Dance, particularly ‘classic ballet’, for about 12 years (and several more years of jazz balet as well). I am not actively training any more, but still dream about it. Music has been my everlasting passion since I was little... From classic music, over jazz music to electronic music... After all, it does not matter what kind of music, as long as it is good and as long as it fits the moment. So practically whatever I do, I do it with music playing. That passion brought me to one interesting experience- writing articles for a Croatian music portal muzika.hr on the subject of 'Music & Science'. Recently I have been very into ‘science communication’ and ‘science & media’ as a theme, and I am trying to put myself more into it, together with my everlasting interest in aesthetics and design. Before my BSc studies I spent one month working in a graphic design studio (being very comfortable with Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop), but recently I have been more into web design, so I have finished several online web-design courses (having elementary knowledge of CSS, HTML, Javascript and PHP) and have been trying to have some more time to work on that part as well, with this webpage being one of my very first projects (I admit it - using the template from mustachethemes).

Check my profiles at Research Gate, LinkedIn, Academia.edu and Twitter as well.